Selectronic Certified Fronius Symo Advanced 3PH 20kW Inverter


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  • SKU: 5407 - Symo Advanced 20.0-3-M WLAN


Description Symo Advanced Inverter

Fronius inverter upgraded by Selectronic to fully unlock the potential of their SP PRO inverter

  • 2 MPPTs
  • IP66

Key features Selectronic Certified Fronius Symo Advanced

  • Managed AC Coupling enables fine control of solar output and precise battery charging to minimise waste ensuring more energy is stored in your battery - a unique feature of Selectronic systems.
  • 3 phase inverter solution for real 3 phase off-grid and grid backup Selectronic Powerchain systems
  • Scalable solution - install up to 5 SCERT inverters per phase - Off-grid systems from 5kW to 480kW possible
  • Capable of acting as a standard grid-tied inverter - install solar today and be ready to move off-grid in the future with a Selectronic SP Pro and battery system.

Benefits Symo Inverter

  • Charges your batteries connected via a SP Pro inverter in off-grid and grid backup situations with free solar power.
  • Enables export limiting of grid-connect Selectronic systems - managed via the SP Pro.
  • Full PV production data visible in the Select.Live monitoring portal.
  • Install up to twice as much AC inverter capacity as the SP Pro inverter nameplate rating to help ensure there is plenty of free solar energy to charge your battery system

Useful Fronius PV Design Tool