SolarEdge Genesis inverter - 6kW (single phase)

SolarEdge Genesis inverter is a game changing design

Based on SolarEdge’s HD-Wave technology, the world’s most installed residential inverter, the SolarEdge Genesis inverter gives you a cost-effective solution that fits any shape of roof and any budget. It combines the traditional SolarEdge benefits such as DC-optimised production, advanced safety and long-term warranties with new levels of convenience giving you easier designs and faster installations. For systems up to 6.7kW DC (with a 5kW Genesis inverter), only one PV string is needed with just one DC isolator. That’s as simple as it gets – especially when installed with SolarEdge smart panels. As with any SolarEdge system, you’re free to design without any restrictions regarding panel type, orientation, or azimuth. Installers can continue to leverage SolarEdge’s panel-level visibility for remote system monitoring and troubleshooting, while mySolarEdge gives homeowners a Dashboard view to simply track their system production and consumption (with an external energy meter).  

Key Benefits

  • Single string design for inverters up to 5kW AC
  • Faster, simpler installations with maximum design flexibility
  • Record-breaking inverter efficiency for more energy production
  • Battery-ready solution supporting on-grid storage (available in 2021)
  • Rapid inverter commissioning via smartphone using SetApp
  • Built-in SafeDC™ and arc fault protection
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install
  • Supports Wi-Fi communications (sold separately)
  • IP65-rated, suitable for outdoor and indoor installation
  • Includes 12-year warranty, with extensions up to 20 or 25 years
To find out more about SolarEdge click here The new SolarEdge Genesis inverter range now provides customers with all of the performance, safety and reliability benefits that come with the SolarEdge HD-Wave technology at a cost of a standard string inverter system which is prone to solar fires caused by DC arc faults.

Key specifications

Rated AC Power Output 6000VA Maximum DC Power 9300W Maximum Inverter Efficiency 99.2% Supported Communication Interfaces  RS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional) Smart Energy Management  Export Limitation Arc fault Protection  Integrated, user configurable (according to UL1699B) Inverter Commissioning  With the SetApp mobile application using built-in Wi-Fi access point for local connection