SolarEdge S650B power optimiser with 0.10m input

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    • Product name: SolarEdge S650B power optimiser with 0.10m input
    • Item ID: 2417
    • SKU: S650B-1GM4MBM
    • Box quantity: 10 units

    Technical Specifications

    • Max module power 650Wp
    • Max module Isc 15A
    • Max module Voc 85V


    • Connects to a single panel, up to 650W
    • Output cable lengths 2.3m (+) and 0.10m (-)
    • Input cable lengths 2 x 0.10m to suit most panels with standard junction box location.

    Main Benefits

    • Enables PV power optimisation and MPP tracking at the module level
    • Specifically designed to work with SolarEdge Home ecosystem - add Battery storage, EV Charging, Smart Water Heating and Load Control now or in the future
    • Superior efficiency (99.5%)
    • Faster installations with simplified cable management and easy assembly using a single bolt
    • Flexible system string design for maximum space utilisation
    • Compatible with higher power and bifacial PV modules

    Key Features

    • Sense Connect technology detects abnormal PV connector behaviour early protecting your family or business from potential arc faults.
    • SafeDCTM panel-level shutdown eliminates high voltages on the roof for owner, installer and firefighter safety
    • Achieve peak performance! Power optimisers mitigate all types of solar panel mismatch loss, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading to get all available energy from your solar array.

    Power Optimiser Installation & Wiring - Australia

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