Loving what we do has led us to become recognised leaders in Solar and Energy Storage technologies here in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

AC Solar Warehouse is a 100% Australian owned and operated company that wholesales Microinverters, DC optimised inverters, AC and DC solar panels, energy storage equipment and related components required for domestic and commercial solar systems.

We are the largest specialist wholesaler of AC Solar equipment in Australia and have built our business through relationships based on honesty, transparency and integrity.

Our approach

Building partnerships

We partner with our customers to develop and grow their solar business through optimum technology selection, smooth supply chain logistics and proven sales and marketing support.

We only wholesale

Being a pure wholesale business means we never compete with our customers by pursuing projects of any size directly.  We do not sell direct to the public.

Our team

Our experience

Our key staff are respected industry veterans who have been working in the solar industry since 1995.

We share our specialist knowledge of solar and energy storage sales and installations with our customers through regular training sessions at both introductory and advanced levels.

Our Strengths

Extensive technical expertise in all aspects of solar system design, installation and support

Commitment to ensuring our customers have the right solar and energy storage products for the right application

Smooth logistics managed through a national supply chain network

Grant Behrendorff

Managing Director | BEngTech, MAICD

David and I worked together for many years before setting up AC Solar Warehouse. I am extremely proud of what we have built and the team who have worked so hard to get us to where we are today.

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My role now is to keep the wheels turning as we have structured the company so senior members of staff can make decisions themselves. If something large comes up, we work through it together. I enjoy being involved at all levels across the company whilst empowering others to play to their strengths. Watching the successes of some of the younger people in the team who have developed and grown is hugely satisfying to me.

Probably one of the highlights of my career was being part of the team who won the Sir Williams Hudson Engineering Excellence Award in 2011 for the Bushlight India project – we weren’t expecting it at all, but it was a huge honour.


David Smyth

Director - Principal Engineer | BEng Elect (Hons), RPEQ, MIEAust, GCertMgt

My role as Director and Principal Engineer, is to work with Grant to set and implement the strategic direction of the business and develop the engineering team.


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I’m an electrician and electrical engineer who has been working with solar technologies since 1996, initially designing and installing remote area power supplies (RAPS) when solar and energy storage was only viable in very remote locations. My passion for solar and energy storage technologies has grown over the years, focusing on products and services that save our customers time and money.

One project I will never forget from years ago, is building a new power station at Mapoon. The aboriginal community was forced to move from Mapoon decades earlier so building a new power station in their original homeland, was a significant step in recognition of this and their permanent return. The elders provided us with sacred land to build the power station as it was so important to them in many ways. The opening ceremony was a very emotional time for everyone involved.

Outside of work I enjoy sailing with family and friends. My eldest son has a serious heart condition so I was looking for something he could do outdoors that was not too physical. Sailing is perfect. I also like using the wind, being a renewable resource, and the technical challenges that comes with sailing.



Tom Peters

Key Account Manager - Electrical Engineer | BEng (Hons), GradIEAust

I started at AC Solar Warehouse seven years ago on work experience and really love being part of such a high-growth company. I recently completed my RPEQ which was a huge milestone as you can only apply for it after five years working professionally as an engineer.

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I also enjoy the professional development opportunities in my role, particularly going to conferences.

I get to work with a wide range of customers but providing solutions to the more unusual ones are where I get the most satisfaction not only from a design perspective, but from a logistical one. I assisted a client in the Cook Islands recently which brought with it some interesting challenges that we don’t generally face in Australia.

I enjoy the outdoors and sport as well as four-wheel driving. One of my lesser known pastimes, however, is hunting for gems. One day my search for gold might just pay off!


Kelly Baird

Office Manager | AdvDip LdMgt

I was the first employee at AC Solar Warehouse many years ago and have been through three office moves with the company. I am responsible for accounts receivable and freight and really enjoy liaising with our customers.

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Originally, I worked part-time in two jobs as I love variety. I am well organised and don’t like jobs being in my in-tray, so I make it a point of actioning everything immediately. Once, I was given a fireman’s hat as I am great at finding ways to put out small (metaphorical) fires! I love learning and finding solutions to challenges.

Family time is important to me. I also enjoy yoga and scoring baseball at our local club. I have even participated in the Masters games.

What many people don’t know, is that I used to be a helicopter mechanic in the navy. I have a fitter’s trade certificate as well as a Diploma in Land Management.


Mark Colwell

Sales Manager Victoria and South Australia

I work on our key accounts in Victoria and South Australia and enjoy helping our customers with their solar requirements. Nobody else has the technical expertise we do but what makes it for me, is knowing that the team is 100% behind each other.

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You can have the best solution in the world but if you don’t have the best team with common goals, it won’t work.

I have been in the solar industry for many years – four in total at AC Solar Warehouse but I still remember my first megawatt and 100kw jobs, they were stand-outs and an exciting time in my career.

I enjoy building relationships with people and knowing that we not only deliver cost savings, but safer solutions too, is the icing on the cake.

When I am not at work, you will find me outdoors. I am a real nature enthusiastic and I love wildlife – that is where my passion lies.


Shannon Rodgers

Business Administration | CertIVBusAdmin, DipTour(Mgt)

I provide Grant and David with support to run the business which gives them the peace of mind that reporting, travel, payroll and other tasks are all taken care of.

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My aim is to assist the entire team in whatever way I can and because I have been here for six years, my knowledge is quite broad.

When we moved into our new premises a year ago, I took on a lot of responsibility of the logistics. It was great to work with external suppliers and keep everything on track. It was stressful, but in a good way and after a lot of effort from all of us, we were in on time. I also really enjoy the six-monthly conferences and organising our impressive mobile display.

When not at work, I can be found at the beach or at swimming holes with my family. I love the water and when I was ten, I competed at the Queensland State Swimming Championships.


Kendra Fuller

Logistics Administration | Justice of the Peace (JP)

I am responsible for the dispatch of all orders from the external supplier warehouses across Australia, so being organised and able to multi-task is essential. I can visualise situations well so if something changes with an order in one state, I can factor in the knock-on effect to the rest of my work and prioritise accordingly.

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The time difference is a big thing for me as it of course varies depending on where in the country the shipment is coming from. There are always solutions though and having worked with AC Solar Warehouse for five years, I am good at finding them!

I have built some great relationships with the teams in the warehouses, although it’s only the New Zealand based staff I have met in person.

After decades as a Paralegal Clerk, I am used to a busy environment. I will never forget having morning tea with the Chief Justice – it was all a bit surreal.



Stuart Fordyce

Key Account Manager - Electrical Engineer | BEng Elect (Hons)

Why do I work at AC Solar Warehouse? Because I love helping clients to find safe, environmentally friendly solutions to their energy needs. I might be ginger, but I am also Italian which means I am passionate about my work.

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My engineering background means I can assist with trouble-shooting installations remotely, as well as preparing designs for projects. The fact that we only supply products that are safe is also very important to me.

One of my proudest achievements in my five years at the company is being part of the Solutions for Schools program which is a government initiative to supply solar throughout Australian schools – it’s so rewarding personally and as someone who has to be continuously busy, it’s perfect!

Speaking of busy, I love music and have enjoyed playing at gigs over the years. If you want me to sing, just ask!


Dominic Nolan

Account Manager - Electrical Engineer | BEng Elect (Hons)

I really enjoy talking to people and helping them out with technical support or designing specific solutions for their solar systems. Taking on a challenge is something I relish as it enables me to think differently and work through various options before selecting the most suitable.

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Making sure we have everything in stock for a job is also important as delays can of course slow progress considerably.

I did my work experience at AC Solar Warehouse before joining the team permanently. I love how they are forward thinking and for me, working somewhere that is helping the community better the environment, is essential. It’s also a fun place to be – we work hard but we also fit in our share of laughs!

When not at work, I am usually enjoying the outdoors which we enjoy in spades here in Cairns. I got my open water dive ticket at the age of 12 and love kayaking, working on cars and reading.


Ricky Awari

Account Manager - Electrical Engineer | BEng Elect (Hons)

My career goal was to work somewhere I could make a difference and straight out of university, that’s what I achieved. I help customers identify the right solutions for their needs and see them through the solar process from start to completion.

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I love helping people make sense of all options so they can find the best system.

I have an agile approach to my work and manage changes effectively. Dealing with clients’ expectations and following up with emails and phone calls, ensures everyone is on the same page.

This is my third year at AC Solar Warehouse and I really enjoy being part of the team. There is never a dull moment!

I also manage some family owned properties in PNG and ensure maintenance is carried out and bills are paid on time. When I am not at work, you’ll find me swimming at a creek or camping with friends.


Luke Bullock

Account Manager VIC, TAS, SA | BBus Swinburne

Although I spent a long time in the plastics industry, I have always had a passion for solar, so it made sense for me to actively make the switch when it was time to move on. I started at AC Solar Warehouse and haven’t looked back.

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Even though I am not based in Cairns, I still feel part of the team and really enjoy being able to look after my clients for the full solar cycle. From taking the brief, to working out whether what they want is the best solution, they only have one point of contact which is so different from other companies.

Building strong relationships is my thing whether that’s with the client, the AC Solar Warehouse team, or socially.

One of my most satisfying pastimes is walking with my young son as he peddles his bike and showing him the houses, which now have solar because of the work we do.


Jana Spanton

Administration | Cert II in Business Administration

I look after transport logistics at AC Solar Warehouse and ensure that all shipments are meticulously organised. Sometimes there are delays such as late flights or weather events, so when this happens, I find solutions and advise the account managers of any changes so they can inform our clients.

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I am a morning person and prefer to get on top of things as soon as possible. It’s great working with Kendra as we can share responsibilities which makes us more efficient.

Having worked previously as a teacher aide, I am used to being busy and performing under pressure. It’s the team and the wonderful freight companies that make this job so enjoyable and since working here, I have learnt so much – it’s great!

My main love outside of work is painting but also, I service cars which I was taught to do by my Dad.


Corinne Mills


I manage accounts receivable at AC Solar Warehouse and after over 20 years in similar roles, working here is like a breath of fresh air. The team is amazing, and everyone really wants to be here – I could tell that within my first week.

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Having fun and a laugh whilst ensuring that we remain professional is important to me.

I really enjoy talking to our clients and keeping on top of stock levels to make sure there aren’t any nasty surprises. I always clear all tasks by the end of each day so I can start afresh in the morning. There is nothing worse for me than going home before I have actioned everything in my in-tray.

Friends and family are the most important aspects of my life and I love spending time with my two children. What many people may not know is that I met my husband at work in a previous role.


Andrew Klink

Account Manager - Electrical Engineer | BEng Elect (Hons)

I assist customers with the selection and procurement of equipment required for domestic and commercial solar systems.  I also provide any information or advice they may need for the design or installation.

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My role at AC Solar Warehouse is my first full time job since graduating from university. I had holidayed in Cairns before and loved it, so when the Account Manager opportunity came up, I took the plunge and moved. It is perfect for me as I have a keen interest in renewable energy.

I am driven by getting the best outcomes for our customers and love continual improvement. I have automated several processes which contributes to the efficiency of the business. My brain is always active, and I love keeping busy.

The highlight of my career is visiting one of our supplier’s headquarters in Germany to receive training in their energy storage technology. My Dad is German so during the week I was there, I caught up with family and sampled some of the local beers. Delicious!

I recently started learning guitar and I speak Spanish, so maybe I can combine the two and gig at our Friday catch ups?


Bradley Behrendorff

Digital Support

I assist with digital design and IT at AC Solar Warehouse to help the business operate smoothly. I am also studying a Bachelor of Digital Media and recently put this to good use when I animated the company logo for our email signatures. It worked well and I’m really pleased with the result.

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Visual design is my passion and I have also been working on our specification sheets so they look the best they can and are easy to read. I regularly update the website and created some 3D modelling for one of our stands.

The team here is amazing – they are always checking to see if I have any questions. I enjoy learning on the job from people who are experts in their field, it is a great opportunity.

I love designing in my spare time and enjoy baseball and volleyball to get away from the screen.


Terence Fuller

Warehouse Supervisor

After 28 years at Telstra, I thought I had retired but what started as a one-off job at AC Solar Warehouse, grew into full time work! I really enjoy managing the warehouse and keeping everything tidy and running smoothly.

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I also get to help out with the operation of the switchboard building facility. I try to get everything done quickly which keeps me out of trouble.

The atmosphere here is great – we all work well as a team and manage to fit in plenty of laughs too. It’s the people who make it, plus I get to work with my wife Kendra.

Whilst I enjoyed travelling the country and helping people when I was with Telstra, being based permanently in Cairns is far more relaxing. I get to spend time with my two motorbikes, hang out at the baseball and sink a few cold beers. Did you know we have a bar and pool table upstairs…?


James Bailey

Sales Manager New South Wales

I have been in the solar industry for the past decade working as an installer and wholesaler, so working as the NSW Sales Manager is perfect. I enjoy finding out about customers’ needs and getting a snapshot of their current situation so I can determine how we can help.


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Being based in New South Wales, with warehousing in Sydney, means our customers have support in their region. I operate remotely from Head Office, travelling to visit customers and suppliers, but am still very much a part of the team.

My favourite part of the job is seeing the happy faces when home and business owners get their first reduced power bill – it’s extremely rewarding.

I have a young daughter and we have travelled a lot together. She might be surprised when she’s older to learn that her Dad has appeared in television commercials and movies which is a bit of a contrast to my 30 years playing rugby league!


Angus Webb

Account Manager - Electrical Engineer | BEng Elect (Hons)

I am mainly involved with the design and preparation of schematic diagrams for commercial solar systems.  As one of the newest members of the team, I am really enjoying assisting with the school solar project.

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I recently worked with a particularly interesting customer who had a challenging request. This turned out to be one of the greatest sources of learning for me and gave me a valuable insight into the variety of work we do.

What inspires me at AC Solar Warehouse is how so many of the engineers joined straight after graduating and are now at management level. It’s rare these days but being able to learn, have fun and work with great people in a job in which you can grow, is fantastic.

I enjoy being outdoors which was taken to another level (quite literally!) a few years ago. I got to go to the top of a windmill in Wellington at the largest windfarm in the country, to see first-hand the re-design work I had done. What most people don’t realise is that windmills have lifts!



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