Experienced engineers for commercial solar

9 December 2022 by
Experienced engineers for commercial solar
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

You may recognise AC Solar Warehouse as a leading national distributor of solar and energy storage equipment, but did you know that we also design and build engineer-certified distribution boards for all size systems and provide a full suite of RPEQ Engineering Services?

When you purchase the modules, inverters, racking and distribution board from AC Solar Warehouse, we provide the RPEQ Engineering Services required to install the system (valued at up to $5,750 ex GST for a typical 30kW – 100kW array) at no additional cost.

Contact us for a competitive quote on your next system and we’ll show you how to save thousands of dollars in engineering certification costs.


Competitive pricing on market-leading commercial solar equipment.
We distribute the latest technologies from leading manufacturers.


Engineer-certified compliance with Energy Queensland (Ergon and Energex) requirements and relevant AS/NZS standards including AS/NZS 61439.
Good production capacity, to complete commercial AC Boards this year.

Engineering Services

  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Design Certification Report
  • Compliance Report
  • Power Quality Testing