How to connect a GSD to a SolarEdge Inverter

8 March 2023 by
How to connect a GSD to a SolarEdge Inverter
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

Installing a GSD (Generation Signalling Device) on an SolarEdge inverter system to meet the new Queensland Emergency Backstop requirements is simple 3 step process:

1- Mount the GSD in a suitable location – i.e. within the MSB or the switchboard containing the protective device for inverter supply.
If using a network protection AC Board (supplied by AC Solar Warehouse) this can be pre-wired with a GSD on request.

2- Connect AC power to the GSD by wiring it directly to the Main Switch Inverter Supply.

3- Connect the GSD control cable to the SolarEdge inverter’s PRI (power reduction interface) port on connector pins 5 and 6 via the RJ45 adapter that is supplied with the GSD.

SolarEdge has released an App Note providing detailed instructions on connecting a GSD to SolarEdge systems . Check out the guide here.

You can also reference our recently published article on the Queensland GSD requirements for more details.

For help installing a GSD in conjunction with any of our products, our account management and engineering team are here to help.  You can reach them on 

07 4028 3979 or


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