Schletter racking now available from AC Solar Warehouse

10 August 2023 by
Schletter racking now available from AC Solar Warehouse
AC Solar Warehouse Pty Ltd, Rob Birchall

We are delighted to advise we’re an Authorised Distribution Partner of Schletter solar racking products in Australia and New Zealand.

Schletter - Leading rooftop solar mounting

Schletter was founded in 1968 and have become Europe’s No. 1 for rooftop solar mounting systems with more than 55GW of systems installed worldwide.

They have in-house design support by Australian-based engineers, site assessment and inspections for commercial systems, and training with online support.

25 years warranty racking solution

Schletter racking solutions are designed to achieve a high-quality racking solution that will last more than 25 years while saving time and money during installation.  Using Schletter you can install more solar.

Schletter ProLine Series - Australia

The Proline Series is designed for rooftop installations and comes with innovative design ideas that make rooftop installations easier and faster than ever before. The screw-less splice connector used to connect rails means there is no more drilling of rails so all work can be performed on the roof.  The rails are very light for easy handling and structurally strong due to the industry-leading profile.  The rails come in silver or black anodised to suit all applications.  The black anodised is a fantastic option for coastal locations.

Explore all the unlimited possibilities for solar mounting here: Schletter ProLine 

Summary of Schletter Key Features & Benefits

  • Save time on your rooftop installations. Simple and fast installations
  • All work can be performed on the roof. Screw-less splice connector: no more drilling.
  • Light Rails for an easy handling
  • Strong structure of rails – Resilience to climate change
  • Different colours to suit all applications: silver or black anodised.
  • Patented Tracking system
  • Any project large or small. Combining quality, cost-effective and fast to install solution
  • 25 years warranty 


There are only 2 types of clamps required, an end clamp and mid clamp, which can be used on all solar modules ranging from 30mm to 47mm.  Each clamp includes an integrated earthing pin, so no additional earthing is required when using the silver rails.  The clamps are pre-assembled and can be clipped into position prior to tightening so clamps do not end up in the gutter. 

Proline series uses only one size screw head so only one cordless drill bit is required.  No changing of drill bits during installation.

The Proline series also has clip-in cable management clips, achieving an extremely neat installation that’s super-fast and professional.

Learn more about Schletter products

Efficiency and time saving on Schletter installations

These design improvements deliver the highest quality solar installations on the market while saving valuable time and money.  Approximately 20% faster than traditional racking on a standard 6.6kW solar system.

In addition to Rooftop racking for both pitched and flat rooves, Schletter also manufactures racking for Ground mount installations and Car Parking.

AC Solar Warehouse - Official Distributor of Schletter

Talk to us today about how you can achieve more with Schletter racking. Our Engineering and Account Management team’s knowledge across all solar and energy storage equipment ensures you can navigate any technical issues or support required.