SolarEdge commercial manager unit - 82.8kW (three phase)

Requires 3x SESUK-AU00INNN4 Synergy Units to operate as a 82.8W inverter.
Requires SE-ANT-ZB-WIFI-03 external antenna for wireless internet connection

    This combination does not exist.

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    Simplify commercial installs and commissioning with the new generation of Synergy Inverters

    Drive more from your rooftop, ground mount, and carport projects with inverter models up to 100kW. Provide more energy and system uptime with up to 150% DC oversizing, while reducing install time and costs through modular, lightweight design. Streamline the process further with unique pre-commissioning via SetApp—know the system is working properly before leaving the site. Plan your next commercial projects in SolarEdge Designer with our new Three Phase Inverters with Synergy Technology.
    SolarEdge commercial inverters

    Superior Performance and Safety

    • More energy production with up to 150% DC oversizing
    • Avoid module performance degradation with built-in night time PID (Potential Induced Degradation) rectifier
    • Higher system uptime with independently working Synergy units
    • Enhanced safety with built-in temperature sensors on AC and DC terminal blocks
    • Withstand electrical surges using integrated RS485 and optional Type 2 AC and DC SPDs; Monitored and field-replaceable for DC/AC SPD only, with event alerts
    • Protect people and assets with arc fault protection
    • Automatically reduce voltage to safe levels during emergency shutdowns with built-in SafeDC™
    • Stay confident with our long-term warranty of 12 years, extendable to 20 years

    Get Insight. Onsite.

    Introducing Pre-commissioning from SolarEdge.
    • Validate each stage of the install process from your smartphone using SetApp
    • Resolve system issues before actual grid connection via SetApp and a USB power bank
    • Automatically identify any wiring, communication, isolation, or DC polarity issues
    • Generate a clear installation progress report (coming soon)

    Simplified Installs and Servicing

    • Reduce time, costs and labour with simple 2-person installation with identical, lightweight modular system design
    • Easy access and serviceability through Synergy Manager. No need to open inverter covers for configuration or maintenance
    • Full system visibility and accurate troubleshooting with built-in, module-level monitoring

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