Solaredge Home Hot Water Controller & Home Load Controller 

solaredge home water controller and home load controller

SolarEdge continues to innovate with the release of their new Home Load Controller and Home Hot Water Controller. These smart energy management devices allow homeowners to optimise their energy consumption even further and meet their constantly evolving energy needs now and into the future. These two new inclusions to their complete smart home solution join their industry leading  Smart Panels, Inverters, EV chargers, Home Batteries and Optimisers.


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The Home Hot Water Controller diverts excess solar energy to heat water, offering cost-effective thermal energy storage for your customers. The SolarEdge Home Load Controller is a wireless device that is designed to optimise energy consumption by controlling heavy-load home appliances. Let’s study the details of each product and how they can benefit your business.

SolarEdge Home Hot Water Controller

solaredge home hot water controller description and measurments


The new model of Home Hot Water Controller has undergone a complete redesign for enhanced reliability, faster energy control and smarter scheduling.

Offering this new technology to your customers can open doors to new upsell opportunities for your solar business. It provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional Li-ion batteries for thermal energy storage. SolarEdge Water Controller takes a different approach to energy storage. Instead of converting surplus solar energy into chemical energy, it uses this excess energy to heat water. This helps to lower your customers’ electricity bills by increasing their solar self-consumption.

SolarEdge Hot Water Controller Integrates seamlessly with the entire SolarEdge Home system, providing a unified solution for warranty, support, and training, simplifying logistics and operations.

It also automatically adjusts the power supplied to the water heater according to the available PV power, with a maximum capacity of 4.8kW.

It utilises wireless communication via the SolarEdge Home Network to establish a connection with the inverter, which reduces the need for extensive wiring, labour, and installation faults.

In addition, it comes equipped with a built-in energy meter to monitor the power consumption of the hot water system. Installation is straightforward, as it can be easily wall-mounted. It’s suitable for powering purely resistive loads only and it has an optional temperature sensor available for optimised heating.

Installing the SolarEdge Hot Water Controller Video

Configuring the SolarEdge Hot Water Controller

SolarEdge Home Load Controller

solaredge home load controller with measures and description


The Home Hot Water Controller is designed to manage heavy-load appliances in the home, such as electric water heaters, EV chargers, and pool pumps. It helps distribute the available solar energy to these appliances intelligently and using excess energy that would otherwise be lost.

Control Energy Use from a single app

Once installed, both the hot water device and the load controller seamlessly integrate with the mySolarEdge App, allowing homeowners to manage their water heating and electrical loads directly from their smartphones. With user-friendly modes, they can manually control these systems, set timers, or establish schedules. Additionally, surplus solar energy can be intelligently directed to the hot water system and other appliances, ensuring optimal utilisation of available solar power. Furthermore, homeowners can schedule and monitor their solar energy production, battery storage (if applicable), grid services (if connected), and solar self-consumption through the mySolarEdge App. The SolarEdge Home operating system best calculates energy usage and savings, according to personal preference while considering external factors such as weather events and utility rates.

SolarEdge Home Solutions & Promotions

SolarEdge Home provides the ideal solution for your customers’ home solar systems. SolarEdge’s DC-optimized technology captures more energy than alternative solutions. Additionally, it offers significant benefits for solar installers, simplifying their work and increasing efficiency.

SolarEdge is currently offering different promotions to help solar installers secure more installation jobs. You can learn more about these promotions by clicking on the links below:

  1. SolarEdge Residential AdvantEdge Program – Install a complete SolarEdge residential solar package, which includes SolarEdge Smart Panels, SolarEdge Home Battery, and SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter, and receive 3 years of free field support. This offer is valid until December 31, 2023.
  2. SolarEdge Trade-Up Promotion – Eligible homeowners have the opportunity to trade in their old SolarEdge inverter for a brand new SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter at no cost. This promotion is also valid until December 31, 2023.
  3. SolarEdge Home Battery + FREE Backup Interface – When you purchase a SolarEdge Home Battery, you will receive a complimentary SolarEdge Backup interface. This offer is valid until December 31, 2023.

These promotions make SolarEdge Home Systems an even more attractive choice for both installers and homeowners.


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For any enquiry about SolarEdge Home solutions, feel free to contact our dedicated team. We have in-house SolarEdge specialists and our team’s technical knowledge across the SolarEdge brand and product range, ensures you can navigate any technical issues or support questions.

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