Enphase IQ Battery/Controller Install Kit - Single Phase, 2x IQB 5P, Version 2


Kit includes single phase breakers for 2 batteries, additional components required for more than 2 batteries.

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    • Product name:Enphase IQ Battery/Controller Install Kit - Single Phase, 2x IQB 5P
    • Item ID: 2439


    Enphase IQ Battery/Controller Installer Kit suitable for single phase sites with up to 2x IQ Battery 5P's (up to 10kWh).


    Kit includes:

    • 2x 20A 1P MCB's for 2x Enphase IQ Battery 5P 
    • 1x 63A 1P MCB for Mains
    • 1x 63A 1P MCB for Backup (whole home backup)
    • Corresponding labelled cables to connect MCBs to IQ Controller lugs
    • 6M of CAN communication cable
    • 1.5M of 4-core cable for System Shutdown Switch (SSD)
    • IQ Battery Label Kit (AS/NZS 5033:2021)

    An additional label kit is required for the solar inverter installation.

    Note IQ System Controller comes pre-fitted with a 4 pole 25A MCB for PV (suitable for 2x single-phase PV circuits or 1x three-phase PV circuit) and a 1 pole 16A MCB for the IQ Gateway.

    About the Enphase IQ Battery

    The Enphase IQ Battery 5™ all-in-one AC-coupled storage system is powerful, reliable, smart, simple, and safe.  It has a total usable energy capacity of 5 kWh and includes six embedded grid-forming microinverters with 3.84kVA continuous power rating. It provides backup capability and installers can quickly design the right system size to meet the needs of both new and retrofit solar customers.
    The Enphase Battery uses a distributed architecture to provide maximum reliability. Each battery includes multiple bi-directional IQ™ 8 microinverters to switch energy from DC to AC and back again for safe, reliable operation. So, even if one stops, the battery will continue to operate and keep the lights on.