Enphase S270 Microinverter



Built on the fifth-generation platform, the Enphase® S270 Microinverter achieves the highest inverter efficiency for module-level power electronics for both 60-cell and high-powered 72-cell modules. With its all-AC approach, the Enphase S270 simplifies design and installation, and delivers the most reliable energy solution for your customers.

The Enphase S270 is compatible with energy storage systems.

The Enphase S270 integrates seamlessly with Engage Cable, the Envoy-S communications gateway, and Enlighten®, Enphase’s online monitoring and analysis software.

The S270 micro inverter is a perfect choice for locations where fixed reactive power control is a utility requirement for specific solar system designs. Ergon Energy and Energex currently both require reactive power control. The S270 is designed to meet fixed power factor as well as voltage and frequency ride-through requirements. The power factor can be adjusted from 0.7 leading right through to 0.7 lagging as required by the utility.

The S270 has genuine MC4 connectors allowing ‘like for like’ connection with many high quality solar modules available in Australia which have MC4 connectors. If your solar module is not fitted with genuine MC4 connectors contact us and we can provide DC adaptor links to suit.

The S270 can be configured for various grid profiles as required by the utility.

The S270 is also configurable for future export limiting making it an ideal choice for small or large scale commercial solar projects where zero export control is required or may be required in the future.

The S270 is optimised to matched most high powered 60 cell and 72 cell solar modules from 275W and above (STC). Contact us if you would like us to check if the S270 is compatible with a specific solar module prior to use – particularly if the solar system will be located in a region where reactive power control requirements apply (e.g. Queensland).

The S270 is covered by a 10 year manufacturers warranty.


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