SMA EV Charger – 7.4kW



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SMA Smart Connected EV Charger – 7.4kW with 5m type 2 charging cable

  • Single-phase AC charging station for fast and PV- optimised charging of electric vehicles.
  • Requires Sunny Home Manager 2.0 to be installed.
  • Configuration of charging power from 1.3 to 7.4 kW.
  • 5.0m type 2 charging cable included.


SMA EV Charger allows PV system operators to charge their electric vehicles intelligently and sustainably. This is because charging electric vehicles with solar power keeps grid purchase costs to a minimum.



Whether the solar system is brand-new or has been in operation for some time, SMA EV Charger is highly flexible and compatible with all standard electric vehicles thanks to its permanently attached type 2 charging cable. Thanks to the SMA Energy System Home, users receive solutions from a single source.

  • Compatible with all standard electric vehicles
  • Integration into new and existing PV systems
  • Everything from a single source


Fast and easy to use

It can be easily operated using a rotary switch directly on the device or from the SMA Energy app on your smartphone. The boost function charges at almost twice the speed of a conventional charging station. Even small solar capacities can be utilised to the maximum early in the morning and evening thanks to the automatic switchover from single- and three-phase charge modes.

  • Boost function for grid-compatible, single-phase charging with up to 7.4 kW
  • Control and visualization via your smartphone using the SMA Energy app


Everything from a single source

Thanks to the SMA Energy app, system owners have all the relevant information about their systems at the ready at all times. This ensures greater transparency thanks to up-to-date information about the charging process and maximum control through configuration of the charging mode.

Highly convenient: Simply enter when you want your car to be ready and the app starts the charging process automatically.

Ease and comfort

This highly intelligent system always takes all loads into account during charging and prevents the home connection from becoming overloaded. Automatic adjustment of the charge power, even when multiple loads are in use simultaneously, ensures smooth operation at all times. This means that users always benefit from the maximum available power that the house connection and vehicle allow. With SMA Smart Connected, SMA is the first manufacturer to offer free, automatic monitoring of the charging station, which allows installers to provide customers with quick and targeted service.

  • Reliable thanks to power outage protection
  • Integrated direct current failure monitoring reduces installation costs
  • Safe investment through integrated SMA Smart Connected service


Fast Charging

When you are in a hurry the SMA EV charger uses the maximum available charging power.  This can be using power from the solar systems and/or the grid


PV optimised charging

The SMA EV chargers can charge the vehicle using ONLY solar energy from the PV system.


Forecast based charging

When you enter the charging target (departure time and amount of electricity to be charged) in the SMA Energy app, Sunny Home Manager intelligently schedules charging at the lowest cost with the peace of mind knowing your vehicle will be ready to go.


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